Restoration II

St George’s Bloomsbury, London

St George’s church in Bloomsbury is shown in these photographs after restoration was completed.  The new ‘beasts’ of Bloomsbury now grace the skyline, more than a century after their removal by the Victorians who may have found them a little too gauche for the Conservative tastes of the Victorian Anglican church.  Tim Crawley was responsible for carving the lions and unicorns seen at the base of the spire.  He also carved the ‘Modern Martyrs’ for the west porch of Westminster Abbey, another building which shows Hawksmoor’s architectural skills as Hawksmoor designed the twin towers in a suitably ‘gothic’ style.

The main photograph shows new stone and the effects of weather and pollution on older stones.  Some decay is still evident in the columns and exterior stones on the front of St Georges.  However, as with all restoration projects, costs have to be borne in mind and replacing every stone that shows signs of erosion would be prohibitively expensive and would destroy the existing integrity of the built fabric.